Speaker Bio: Kelly Pratt

Creative Rhythm: An Intentional Planning Kelly Pratt, owner of Creative Catalyst Studio, Martha Beck certified life coach, producer and artist. I’ve worked as a designer, a dancer, a theater producer, and the director of a large film making nonprofit One day, while hanging out at a bookstore, I read a column by Martha Beck that said we should all  “work like dogs.” Check. I certainly know how to work like a dog. Done it all my life. But, “have you ever actually watched a dog?” she went on to ask. “When you do,” she said, “you’ll see that dogs only do what comes   naturally, reflexively, effortlessly.” Natural, reflexive, effortless living called me into a career as a life coach, coaching others as I coached myself to become more attune with my own unique life rhythm. A good designer leaves “white space” on a page to leave room for our minds to roam. My products are designed to help you find the white space in living and creating, and let your mind roam.