Speaker Bio: Kim Yuhl

The Habits You Need to Work Better and Create a Happier life   Kim Yuhl helps define and design happy lives. Three years ago, Kim realized the life she dreamt about would never come unless she started doing something every day to make it happen. After beginning her quest towards happiness for no reason, she soon realized that she was too busy setting goals instead of charting the direction for her life. Now Kim helps others that are in search of a happier life with her signature Happiness By The Month guided journeys. Additionally, her new book Habit Mapping: Defining and Designing Your Happiest Life and the upcoming Habit Mapping Master Class, A Practical Guide to Creating The Life of Your Dreams are designed to help anyone in search of more meaning and success in their life. Kim's life is a bit happier when it includes coffee, chocolate, bubble baths and martinis - not necessarily in that order.